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How to Prune a Tree 

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Trees need pruning and trimming once in a while. Pruning actually helps the tree to grow healthy, strong and attractive. There are many reasons why a homeowner prunes their trees, it’s either to stimulate growth, remove damaged branches or create a distinctive shape for aesthetics purposes. Doing the task properly will improve the tree’s health. If you’re not sure how to do it by yourself, you can hire tree removal services in Alpharetta and let them do the job for you.  

Step 1: Decide What to Prune 

Before you prune a tree, think about your goal. Are you doing it for height or for shade? Set your goals before you do the task because your goals will influence the result of your prune. Then, assess the tree’s shape and size and imagine what it would look like after the job. Identify where the major branches are so you can avoid cutting them off.  

Once you notice some damages on your tree, remove them first. Whether the damage is caused by a storm or disease, they should be pruned so the nutrients they’re taking will be distributed to the other branches.  

Next, think out the areas which are thick with branches. This is to improve air circulation and light distribution for them to grow healthy. Branches that are close together attract insects and encourage the growth of fungus.  

You should also prune the branches that are threatening the power lines and locking your driveway. Include the branches that overhang your house and rub your roof too. Prune the branches that cause you annoyance.  

If your goal is to improve the shape of the tree, prune the branches that make it ugly. If you want it to have a neat looking shape or rounded, prune the branches that stick out. However, remember that you should only prune as little as possible. Each cut you make to the tree compromises the protection from insect infestation and fungus.  

Step 2: Prune to Minimize Damage 

Like mentioned in other articles about pruning, there are techniques you should apply in order to keep the tree healthy. Pruning at the right time of the year will reduce the risk of damage. For example, it’s best to prune during late fall or early winter because sap loss is minimized. At this time of year, the wound is likely to get infected by fungus and insects.  

When pruning, make a cut on the branch’s underside. The cut shouldn’t go all the way through, and should only be made on the stem collar. Next, cut off the branch several inches from the trunk. The 2nd cut should through the branch, on the outside of the first cut. Remove it.  

To remove the stub, make a precise cut. The cut should be almost right against the stem collar. It will give the tree a chance to quickly heal in a very healthy way. The branch collar should remain intact so avoid cutting it off.  

Finally, disinfect the pruning equipment used. It’s not really necessary but there’s a big chance that you cut through some diseased portions of the trees. The equipment should be cleaned so the next tree you’re going to prune will be away from infection.  


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Clever Tips to Make Your Moving Easier 

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Our home is our favorite place in the whole world, that is why it is emotionally very hard for us to transfer to another place. Aside from the emotional baggage that we must manage with ourselves, there is the tremendous time and energy that is required to prepare and transfer the things.  

With all of this said, moving to a new location might seem to be such an enormous task to tackle. You need not be overwhelmed though because it just takes proper planning from you to make it easier and smoother. To help you with your planning and the moving proper, here are the clever tips to make your moving easier. 

  1. Hire a Moving Company

In moving your things, you might be thinking of asking favors from your friends and relatives to help you, so you can save money from hiring professionals. Unless your place is very near, asking your friends and relatives to help you is a bad idea. This is simply because this favor requires much energy and time, which people only have a few to spare for others’ needs. Not to mention that moving requires specific vehicles and equipment to make the procedure successful. 

To help you save mental energy, just make the decision to hire a moving company. This way, you are saving yourself from much stress and avoid wasting energy. Moving companies know all the methods and have all the vehicle and equipment needed for the job. If you are looking for an excellent moving company, contact washington dc movers 

  1. Prepare the New Place

In moving, most people only focus on everything that needs to be done in their old place, how to pack all the things in it, and of course on how to move on from it. To make things easier for you, a clever trick to also put your focus on your new place. 

Before the moving schedule, prepare the new place by cleaning all the rooms and throwing all the garbage and the clutter that is left. This way, it will be easier for you to set up your things when they finally arrive.  

  1. Inform Your New Neighbors

Another way to prepare the new place is to get to know your neighbors and inform them that you are moving. Inform them that there would be minor inconveniences when your things arrive, because of the trucks and the people that move your things. They will appreciate your heads up, and they might lend you a helping hand. 

  1. Hire a Pet Sitter

When moving, you also must be considerate of your other household members, which are your pets. When you don’t put consideration about them in your planning, they might be a problem and a nuisance in the moving day. This is because moving is very stressful to them and they might do things to have your attention that will hamper the progress of moving. Better hire a pet sitter, and let your pets have a day for themselves because they also deserve it. 

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Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Residential Mover

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You may have just bought the house of your dreams, your first home, or you simply need a change. Either way, you are probably now in a certain position where you need to pack up as well as move all your things to a new location. The question is, can you be able to do it all by yourself, between your job, the kids, and the dog, as well as the stress that is associated with moving to a new location, might be a little too much. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that you hire a professional and truly reliable residential moving company in Maryland as they can definitely help you during your moving day.  

 Residential Mover

In addition to that, professional moving companies take pride in the services that they offer since their business help homeowners get rid of stressful situations during their move. You might be currently wondering to yourself why it’s important that you have to spend cash to pay for a professional moving company. This is the reason why in this post, we have provided some great reasons why it’s highly advisable that you hire a professional and truly experience residential moving service provider when you need to move to a new location.  

  1. Experience and Expertise 

You might have already moved to different locations a few times before, but it is the primary job of a moving company. This is the reason why they consider themselves as the expert and most experienced professionals in this field since they can be able to do it well compared to ordinary individuals. When you choose to hire a professional residential moving company, they will take care of all your belongings just like they are their own and they will also provide you with a highly professional and reliable service, which makes your entire moving experience hassle-free.  

  1. Guaranteed Service 

While there are a lot of choices as well as options out there, but professional moving companies usually have a guarantee and they always put the needs of their clients first as well as get that job done in the safest and efficient manner according to the liking of their customers.  

  1. Reliability 

Because of the fact that moving people keep a certain professional moving company in business, you should better believe that a particular moving service provider is going to do an excellent job at it. This is the reason why the moment you choose to hire a professional residential moving company, you will definitely rest easy knowing that your valuables are in good hands. In addition to that, hiring a dependable residential moving company will also make sure that the entire moving process is done with little to no stress caused to the client.  

  1. Relaxation 

During your moving day, there’s a lot for you to worry and it is very practical to hire a professional residential moving company and count on them to get the job done while you stay relaxed knowing that your things will be handled and delivered safely.  




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